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Working on a couple of 3D Animation projects to be released in the second half of 2012 and 2013

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Osuka's News

Posted by Osuka - February 1st, 2015

Long time I posted something here on newgrounds, work was intense this couple of years

The pre-orders are open to buy the Kill La Kill Fanbook: PRE-ORDER HERE

This is a collaborative work of 120+ artists




Posted by Osuka - February 7th, 2013

Years ago, in a beutifull day of December, Tom Fulp donated some Wacom bamboos to some NG users, still im happy to be one of them. But now I needed something more powerfull for my projects, so I saved some bucks to buy a Intuos5 and is amazing. Cant wait to use it to draw some backgrounds and texturing with Zbrush.

Anyways, i think that isnt right to sell my old Wacom, i always felt that is Newgrounds property, Tom gave it to me so I can make great stuff for Newgrounds (I used it a lot for the textures in Warrior of the Portal and the anime scene in 4 Swords Misadventures 7). So I decided to donate it to another Newgrounder. A friend always told me about a secret project that he always wanted to do, so I hope this Bamboo will help him to start it. So good luck HadoukenDude

Now talking about new shit. Now im directing (fuck yeah). We are making 3D modeling and Rigging for a animated movie, so now im in charge of the Team and also im training them, is really fun but stressfull as hell.

Soon (a week) I will make a post talking about the NGFIGURE project, this is not cancelled ;)

Bye Bamboo, Hello Intuos5


Posted by Osuka - January 6th, 2013

happeh new yurr

in december we went to the anniversary party of the client of this commercial, and I have to confess that furries scares the shit out of me

I havent touched the computer these days, I didnt wanted to play with the 3Dmax these days because i feel like those gynecologist that get tired of seeing pussy all day and dont want to play with the pussy at home....

Im still writting the script for the NGfigure short, maybe next week I will post about it.

Furries scares me


Posted by Osuka - November 20th, 2012

Hello, time ago I have been experiencing problems watching Newgrounds when I use Chrome, with Firefox im going great, and with Internet Explorer...is unistalled so i havent cheked there yet.

When im navigating in Newgrounds, 25% of the time I get the "error 324" or the template of the page load incomplete, or looks fucked up. I tried on different computers and I always get the same error, im staring to suspect that is more a problem of the internet service in my city.

I want to know if someone else have been experiencing these problems? or im the Bad Luck Brian of Newgrounds?

Problems with Newgrounds using Chrome?


Posted by Osuka - October 31st, 2012

Finally, after 9 months we finished a TV commercial for "Sifrinitas shoes"

The Team:
Richard Laino:Props Modeling (Tools, books, cuco clock, chest)
Carlos Campiglia:Scenery design and modeling
Oscar Díaz Senior:Direction/ Editing and Final Image compositing
Me: Character Modeling and Rigging, and Animation

The Character designs and Audio track was made by the client

Now I can keep working on other 2 projects I was holding up, one is the writting of the NG FIGURE animated short and other is a Music Video. If you havent seen my render for the NG Calendar 2013, what are you waiting for to get seduced by Fernando?

Fernando the SquidHunter
Layers used for the Compositing

New animation


Posted by Osuka - September 24th, 2012

If you havent readed about the contest, click here

I have been working on my submission for the calendar, based on "Fernando" a character that appeared in a lot of animations by Sexual-Lobster. I Still have work to do:

-Adding Cloth Modifiers (Thats why he is naked)
-Add more tentacles and spears
-Add yogurt...
-Make a better Illumination
-Think in a good background for the scene

So if anyone have comments that can help to improve this, I want to hear it. Thanks :)

My Submission: Calendar 2013


Posted by Osuka - September 16th, 2012

This week, me and my Team won an ANDA PRIZE (National Association of Advertisers) In BEST ANIMATION with the Pocholin Tv Commercial. Im Freaking Happy about this

-I Haven´t forgottend about the NG FIGURE MOVIE project, recently I had a storm of Ideas with HadoukenDude to get a plot, now Im writting it, when is finished I will contact the voice actors to record the dialogues.

-Im Also working on a music video, Im still modeling the characters so I think this will be released in 2013 if the Mayan god doesnt slay us all.

-Also Im trying to start drawing again, making too much 3D rusted me a lot. And I want to make better lighting work with th hand drawings, Im taking references of Pegosho and MagicalNekoLenLen. I like those styles

-And just now im modeling something for the Art Gallery on Newgrounds, so I will upload it very soon :)
If this year Newgrounds makes the annual calendar contest. I will submit this render for that contest

Some Announcements


Posted by Osuka - July 31st, 2012

After months working on the same commercial, finally I reached the last scene. Still I need to make some other details and fixes, but I hope to post the link of this commercial on Youtube.

Is only 50 seconds long but is more complicated than animating a short film. You have the limit of the time lengh so all the character do a lot of stuff, without slow pacing. So this take me a complete day to make 1 second of animation, in WOTP at least I could do 5-10 seconds per day

For some scenes I used an actress to copy the movements, so the animation can be done a little faster and is better to understand the movement of the body. (The animation is still done manually, I dont use Motion Capture)

After I finish this, im going to return to drawing on paper for a while, im saturated of 3D and practicing female body drawing would be interesting

Animating the Last Scene


Posted by Osuka - June 28th, 2012

After Months animating only "products" in 3D, finally im returning to character Animation, now Im trying a lot of new things, Finally I moved to Max 2012 with Vray 2, so I can make better skin materials. Im making advanced Facial Rigging, so the animation is more fluid (In Warrior Of the Portal I only used traditional morph for the faces. So the movement is limited)

Im trying to going back to my projects, so probably one will be released at the en of 2012, and other two will be released in 2013. All with 3D animation

Returning to Character Animation


Posted by Osuka - June 12th, 2012

Hello People, I promised I will be recording my own voice explaing how I modeled the Metroid Ripper in 3Dmax. I recorded the first 5 minutes like 10 times and sounds like shit.

English is not my first language, so when i talk i make a lot of pauses translating in my head the words that Im going to say. Image a 2 hour video of:

"I use this modifier....eh...... to make the mirror effect.......so...then i use shift.... to make a extrusion of the lines........."
So I will upload those video on Youtube without audio

I need to practice my english a little....eh...A LOT MORE so I can speak properly

and the obligatory Image in the post, here is a monkey I found yesterday. WTF moment of the day

I wont record the audio for the 3D Ripper Tutorial