Entry #71

Kill La Kill Fanbook

2015-02-01 10:11:00 by Osuka

Long time I posted something here on newgrounds, work was intense this couple of years

The pre-orders are open to buy the Kill La Kill Fanbook: PRE-ORDER HERE

This is a collaborative work of 120+ artists




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2015-02-01 12:01:41

Not a fan of the series I may know someone who is though...
I'll ask around seeing as it's for charity...

Osuka responds:

awesome, there only 80 copies left


2015-02-01 15:44:48

im still sad i didnt get accepted to join that collab...i was really hoping i could

Osuka responds:

aww crap, you found the collab when the applications were closed?


2015-02-01 15:51:23

no, i mailed the creator of the collab from the start when the open applications was recently pitched on tumblr, i got respond about "putting me on the list and give me an answer once applications are closed"
i never got an answer, and when the list of the artists names that participate came out, i didn't find mine on the list... you cant even imagine how sad i felt that moment :c

Osuka responds:

well dude, keep trying to enter in other projects. I watched your stuff and you know how to draw. Keep practicing to improve. Remember that the journey is more fun than the destination :)


2015-02-01 16:31:21

awww, they left out Boco? Damn, that's a tragedy :(


2015-02-02 00:49:21

That's awesome. I'll pick up a copy. Reminds me of what UDON Comics did with their Street Fighter Tribute Art Book. Was this all done and collaborated by fans?

Osuka responds:

Yeah, The art of that SF book looks amazing and is great when fans join together to tribute something their love.

The KLK book is done by fans, this is the artists list: http://klkzine.tumblr.com/artist


2015-02-03 04:26:08

Fantastic collab to be a part of, sold out so quickly too! Your Nonon looked really good!


2015-03-11 18:03:41

i wish i could go back in time and apply XD.. oh well