Furries scares me

2013-01-06 00:30:02 by Osuka

happeh new yurr

in december we went to the anniversary party of the client of this commercial, and I have to confess that furries scares the shit out of me

I havent touched the computer these days, I didnt wanted to play with the 3Dmax these days because i feel like those gynecologist that get tired of seeing pussy all day and dont want to play with the pussy at home....

Im still writting the script for the NGfigure short, maybe next week I will post about it.

Furries scares me


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2013-01-06 00:43:49

They scare me, too.

Osuka responds:

is like they eyes are eating your soul


2013-01-06 00:52:27

They'll yiff you to death in your sleep!!!!

Osuka responds:

if satan is a furry, i will go to church every sunday to save my soul


2013-01-06 01:06:35

They frighten me.


2013-01-06 04:28:53

i hate being mecixan it just reminds me that i understand spanish dam you fate


2013-01-06 07:08:20

Hey we all feel like gynecologists sometimes.

Osuka responds:

im not alone in the world hahaha


2013-01-06 11:34:25

That has to be one of the longest most terrible names I've seen. Sinfirinthia or whatever flashed at the end. Ughhhhh


2013-01-06 13:05:42

Holy crap can they make that costume's head any larger? Run! They might fall over and smash you in the process!

Great picture.

... and man you guys make clean shading and lighting look easy!

Osuka responds:

actually is easy to do, Try activating the" DECAY" to your lights and use more OMNI lights and not SPOT or DIRECTIONAL lights


2013-01-06 14:07:39

The way the cat screams when he is transformed into a furry still makes me chuckle every time :3

Osuka responds:



2013-01-06 15:44:13

aaAAHH YOU cut all your hair?
damn that was surprising, pretty sharp look too.
nice shin dig too.

Osuka responds:

hahaha, i got tired of that, i got the hair long for 7-8 years


2013-01-07 01:52:35

you can get used to it


2013-01-08 10:08:32

shame on you Osuka,
shame on you