My Submission: Calendar 2013

2012-09-24 10:53:46 by Osuka

If you havent readed about the contest, click here

I have been working on my submission for the calendar, based on "Fernando" a character that appeared in a lot of animations by Sexual-Lobster. I Still have work to do:

-Adding Cloth Modifiers (Thats why he is naked)
-Add more tentacles and spears
-Add yogurt...
-Make a better Illumination
-Think in a good background for the scene

So if anyone have comments that can help to improve this, I want to hear it. Thanks :)

My Submission: Calendar 2013


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2012-09-24 11:07:32

Plain and simple.

(Updated ) Osuka responds:

thanks :)
actually I have some pictures of tropical sea that I took on my vacations, can work perfectly


2012-09-24 11:14:11

A regular Fernando can make me swoon, but a naked Fernando? Someone hold me!

Osuka responds:



2012-09-24 12:35:42

I don't know really what you have in mind but his nudeness at this point would be much funnier than clothing.

Osuka responds:

hahahahahahaha. the feel of the squid flesh in the butt cheeks


2012-09-24 13:03:07

looks freakin awesome. as for suggestions, Umm im not sure if thats the final camera angle, but you should try something closer and from the ground up, more imposing!

Osuka responds:

yeah im still playing with the camera angle, i want to see too the squid tentacles in the scene, but when i have all the elements done i will try to do a good balance :)


2012-09-24 17:54:51

So far, the 3D graphics and models are pretty well done.

Osuka responds:

thanks :)


2012-09-25 10:58:57

i want to peer into your mind and see what i can learn.

Osuka responds:

if you get inside of my mind you will be really scared


2012-09-25 16:58:10

His pose could use some work, have him arch forward a bit more and lean some more weight on his knee or elbow.
And the armpit on the arm holding the spear folds up to his shoulder in a strange rigging mishap. Probably easier to fix in Photoshop than it would be to fix in rigging.

Also put a large puddle on the floor.

Also keep him naked, it makes perfect sense as is.
Wherever it is, have it be night. It looks good on a dark background. Maybe in a dark forest, near a campfire or something?


2012-09-25 19:53:04

I agree with everything i-smel said


2012-09-27 12:36:31



2012-09-28 12:12:21

I don't wanna know what he's done with that squid.


2012-10-06 15:06:40

put the yoghurt on his leg & MAKE IT SPILL GAHAHAH
give underpants
no clothes, por favor.
and the squid on a beach, forest in the background
hope you got it...


2012-10-14 19:03:21

mmmrrrnnnggghhhh i can't wait to see this done...


2012-10-18 08:18:14

mmm so sexy, its making me wet