New animation

2012-10-31 11:46:44 by Osuka

Finally, after 9 months we finished a TV commercial for "Sifrinitas shoes"

The Team:
Richard Laino:Props Modeling (Tools, books, cuco clock, chest)
Carlos Campiglia:Scenery design and modeling
Oscar Díaz Senior:Direction/ Editing and Final Image compositing
Me: Character Modeling and Rigging, and Animation

The Character designs and Audio track was made by the client

Now I can keep working on other 2 projects I was holding up, one is the writting of the NG FIGURE animated short and other is a Music Video. If you havent seen my render for the NG Calendar 2013, what are you waiting for to get seduced by Fernando?

Fernando the SquidHunter
Layers used for the Compositing

New animation


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2012-10-31 13:59:23

Oscar Diaz Senor ? Is that your father ?
Anyways, nice commercial ! Love the cat !

Osuka responds:

yeap thats my dad, Im really good at 3Dmax, but in After Effects he is a freaking pro


2012-10-31 14:35:37


(Updated ) Osuka responds:

Gracias pana, hoy deberia salir en Venevision


2012-10-31 17:36:05

how awesome you both work on projects; this turned out great.
me and my father had done 3d jobs together as well in the past; we do websites now.
Btw i must've lost the orthographic side and front views you gave me years ago to make humans as cartoony as you do.
i'm getting better, but having trouble making faces as you do with newgrounds characters, got a technique?

preciate it, and best of luck to the future projects!

Osuka responds:

later i will send you a reference for modeling :)


2012-10-31 20:29:43

eres un gran animador
felicitaciones, quisiera poder animar como tu (:

Osuka responds:

Gracias, bueno ya estas en NG y eso es un gran paso, yo aprendi viendo a muchos animadores de y luego decidi intentarlo :)


2012-11-12 17:02:21

this video has been remobed by the user

Osuka responds:

a sync problem, we are going to re-upload it


2012-11-19 16:42:18

Yeah. Please put video bak up!

Osuka responds:

a sync problem, we are going to re-upload it