Some Announcements

2012-09-16 20:58:13 by Osuka

This week, me and my Team won an ANDA PRIZE (National Association of Advertisers) In BEST ANIMATION with the Pocholin Tv Commercial. Im Freaking Happy about this

-I Haven´t forgottend about the NG FIGURE MOVIE project, recently I had a storm of Ideas with HadoukenDude to get a plot, now Im writting it, when is finished I will contact the voice actors to record the dialogues.

-Im Also working on a music video, Im still modeling the characters so I think this will be released in 2013 if the Mayan god doesnt slay us all.

-Also Im trying to start drawing again, making too much 3D rusted me a lot. And I want to make better lighting work with th hand drawings, Im taking references of Pegosho and MagicalNekoLenLen. I like those styles

-And just now im modeling something for the Art Gallery on Newgrounds, so I will upload it very soon :)
If this year Newgrounds makes the annual calendar contest. I will submit this render for that contest

Some Announcements


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2012-09-16 21:35:22

hey congratz bro

Osuka responds:

thanks :D


2012-09-16 21:43:12

Yeah, congratulations, man !
I'm sure you won thanks to the commercial's little workers p:

Osuka responds:

HAHAHAH yes hahaha XD


2012-09-16 22:22:49

wow you look just like your icon. congrats papi

(Updated ) Osuka responds:

hahahah thanks papi :3


2012-09-16 22:39:03

Congrats dude, I remember you working on some of that, and you really was busting your ass.. Im so glad it paid off.. and yah you look like this guy. ias/Posted/LaughingMannequin.jpg

Osuka responds:

HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah, I always smile like that in the pictures hahahahaha. The commercial we are doing right now looks a lot better than this one, I hope we can win two ANDAS next year :)


2012-09-17 00:09:56

no mames felicitaciones
esta excelente la animación
cuanto tiempo les tomo en total, incluyendo el rendereado?

Osuka responds:

Muchas gracias.

Tomo en total como 4 meses, durante el dÃ-a se animaban las escenas y usábamos las noches para rendear


2012-09-17 04:53:24

You must have an iconic smile. That smile needs to be your trademark in everything.

Osuka responds:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I do that unconsciously, but I should start drawing myself in that way hahahaha


2012-09-17 09:24:27

Hey Osuka,
Congrats on winning the ANDA prize!

Osuka responds:

Thanks dude :)


2012-09-17 14:10:09

This is awesome! You worked super hard on that commercial for a long time, and now you're getting the awards you deserve! It was great that you took us along on the ride, updating your blog on NG every step of the way.

Keep it up, Osuka! You have a trillion more ANDA's heading your way!

Osuka responds:

thanks, i still need to work harder if I want to beat my dad´s record, 5 ANDAS in a single year


2012-09-17 14:16:06

I'm going to miss the days when you did sprite animation.
Remember Carl Johnson in Sprite TV? Those were the days. We were in those collabs together...

Osuka responds:

Working in Sprite TV 2 was reaaally fun. I never heared the song MANNAH MANNAH before the part you made in STV2 XD hehehe


2012-09-17 21:08:54

dammit man you have come so far in the world of animation. good on ya =D

Osuka responds:

Thanks :D


2012-09-18 11:59:03


Osuka responds:

Thanks :D