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Transformers 3 Trailer...meh

Posted by Osuka - December 10th, 2010

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Well finally the trailer for the 3rd movie was released
what are your expectations about this movie?

I liked the 1st one but the 2nd was a big pile of sh**, so honestly im not excited about this movie, but anyways im going to see it because I love robots
and the bad guy inst Unicron, is Shockwave...and looks like Unicron... meh

By the way, would be hilarious if the Apollo would be a transformer

Transformers 3 Trailer...meh

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Shockwave will probably turn the moon into a unicron-type-thing

Better than Cloud Galactus though.

And the guys from Armagedon will put a nuclear bomb on hes belly and everyone live happy forever yaaay

im at a loss for words my mentor...

honestly i gave up on it when i heard number 2.
good thing i didn't see it.

btw how've you been since the flood?


trust me, in the 2nd you cant see the details of the robots, is all the time blury.
Mindchamber told me if I see the robot in District9 i will forget all the shit from Transformers2, and wow he was right.

Looks pretty cool... as always. Nothing really happens though except finding a space ship on the moon. oh whoopie!

is like reciclyng the trailer of the 1st one right?

lol, I agree. Though I guess this is an interesting way to phase out Shia La'boof and Megan Fox by having it done in the past, I'm less than impressed with the trailer. It's like, "Bay, we get it. When you're off on your cocaine binges, super cool whirring gears and sharp looking things swirling about making heavily synthesized noises is fine and dandy. We get it. This will somehow be loud and filled with explosions despite the entire teaser being set in the vacuum of space."

First one, imo was "meh story, bleh support characters, stupid hollywood gimmicks all around." Second one: "shit story, why the fuck is Optimus dead so soon, same bleh support characters with all new annoying characters, and MORE stupid hollywood gimmicks that seemed awfully forced."

...I have little faith in the third one not being disappointed. I'd be hesitant to spend money on it, is all I'm saying.

I agree with you. Also i remenber that Optimus death on the 1986 version was more impacting, in the ROTF is like: "optimus is dead...ok"

unicron sounds like unicorn meiaehh!!(hores sound) the apolobetter be a transformer or im gunna...do nothing

I want to see a APOLLO-BOT

Also, Astrotrain. Totally calling it.

cho chooo

you, me and mindchamber should make a better robot than what they can!

...im kidding it would take more than all the 3d artists here on newgrounds combined @_@

Join together like a big Constructicon....lol that sounds gay XD HAHAHAHA
yeah im want to see more 3d artist here at newgrounds :D

That looks REALLY stupid.

is like reciclyng the 1st movie



My friend is a huge Michael Bay Transfomers fan. The first two Transformers movies are his favorite movies of all time and he quotes both of them.

Even he says the third Transformers movie will suck.

why he thinks that?

I like Alpha Trions goatee :3

wow really looks like him o.o

You know what would be cool? IF THE MOON WAS A MECHA?

Goes back to TTGL.

Oh yay. Hurray for insane proportions

3D movies hurt the eyes...

when the are filmed yes, but when the all donde with 3d, can be enjoyable

Oh boy, I can hardly wait for more Shia Labeouf action.

lol, the biggest sarcasm i ever heared

Megan fox won't be in this final instalment.

yeah, i cant believe that frenzy was better actor than her HAHAHA

But Shockwave sucks D:

Where's Galvatron!?

Galvatron appeared in the second movie

Galvatron is Megatron evolved form (sounds like Pokemon) and he can transform into a tank.

I think Transformers 3 will be best of it series..

i hope it will be good the 2nd one wasnt better then the first one so you know i hope this will be the best

That seems okay. You bet Michael Bay will go all out on this one?

The idea seems nice, but I get the feeling it's gonna be another mass rape of effects, explosions, action and little to minimal dialogue. Much like it's predecessor.

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